Being a leader isn’t just about the journey you take…

It’s about lighting the way for others on their own hero’s path.

Your story is worth telling!

We will help you write your book, chapter by chapter.
We are beside you every step of the way!

Somebody needs your book.

Somebody needs you to get it written and they need you to do it now.

You have something to say.

You have something you have learned and need to share.

You have something that someone else needs to read.

Your Story

Your story deserves to be told, heard, and celebrated.

Embrace the journey, and together, let’s turn these struggles into the chapters of your book.

If you delay, you won’t write this book and the world will be a sadder place.

You have a book on your heart because you BELIEVE what you are writing about.

Here’s a secret:

Successful people don’t have everything lined up from the very beginning. Things aren’t perfect. They don’t know all the answers. They step ahead anyway. They realize that if they keep doing the same thing, they will keep getting the same results. So they do something differently. They start anyway. When are you going to start your book? People are waiting!

The truth is, the perfect moment you’re waiting for doesn’t exist. It’s a mirage on the horizon of your hero’s journey, always appearing just out of reach. The only perfect time to start is now, with the resources, knowledge, and passion you currently possess. This moment, imperfect as it may seem, is your greatest opportunity to make a difference, to share your insights and stories with those who need them most. By taking that first step, you’re not just beginning the process of writing a book; you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery and contribution. Each page you write brings you closer to not only realizing your vision but also impacting the lives of others.

Unfulfilled people make excuses. They delay – they procrastinate – they DON’T TAKE ACTION.

Focus on your intentions and we will figure it out as we go. But STEP forward. Do things differently.

You are one decision away from moving forward and writing that book that someone is waiting to read. You have a story that needs to be told. You have a story that needs to be read.

Your story is worth telling. Let’s make it a reality.

Book Coaching

If you are here, that means you are almost ready to begin writing!
Whoo hoo!!

Guided Author Membership

What You Get


1:1 Coaching
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Book coaching


5 Phases of Ghostwriting
5 Steps to Writing Your Book

You focus on your writing while we take care of the rest. This is book coaching and support at its best!
$249 per month
Founding Member Price

Our initial chat will set the stage for a cozy, deep dive into your book’s vision, goals, and unique aspects. From there, we’ll pivot to addressing your needs, which include crafting your concept by refining your book’s purpose, identifying your audience, and shaping your key messages. We’ll also build your book’s skeleton by creating a roadmap, outlining chapters, and integrating themes to ensure a strong foundation. Through regular one-on-one sessions, we’ll monitor your writing journey, tackle challenges, enhance your writing style, and overcome writer’s block to develop engaging content. Expect comprehensive support in polishing your prose, navigating publishing options with insights into traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing, and leveraging my connections with industry professionals. Regular check-ins will keep you on track, while our community and networking guidance will help you build meaningful connections. Post-launch, we’ll strategize on maintaining momentum and engaging with readers. This program is tailored to you, offering flexible scheduling and adaptability to your needs, along with access to a growing library of resources, templates, and tools to facilitate your writing journey.

Begin Your Legacy Today


Don’t let another day pass with your story untold. Your journey of transformation and impact starts with a single, brave decision.

Whether you’re at the idea stage or halfway through your manuscript, it’s your time to shine.

Join a community of visionary writers who dared to step forward. Let’s bring your unique story to life, chapter by chapter, together.

The world needs your book, and the time to start is now.